Sunday, December 15, 2013


Marzipan. . . Mars & Pan-- Gods after my own heart, and a particularly indulgent holiday treat, popular throughout my ancestral stomping grounds-- Switzerland (and a lot of other places besides).  To honor my ancestors and offer you my undying gratitude (for helping Bigshoe Diaries score a Wowie-- my first prize EVER!): I offer a humble present in return, yet another Bigshoe Tunes Mix, as well as a hearty Keller "danke schön" straight from the alpenhorn of my heart.  Nowhere near as fun as your own individual Niederegger Lübeck I realize, but one man can only import so much. 

20% honey, 60% bitter almonds, 100% love (which is all to say, "Marzipan" grabs the bag*).


Caus Kolby Klaus says put it in your stocking!  And stuff it in your ears!

Did I also tell you my Swiss grandfather was a very mean man?

Let X=X -- Laurie Anderson
Marzipan -- The Alps
Little Seed -- Elizabeth Mitchell
Haddu Zeit -- Jeans Team
Under The Gun -- Electric Guest
Toi quel bonheur -- Dick Rivers
Scapegoat -- Idiot Wind
Clouds For Brains -- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Jessica -- Major Lazer
Gardens in the City -- Melanie
Do You . . .  -- Miguel
Little Sally Tutorial -- The Blow
Le Goudron (YACHT Remix) -- YACHT
The Girls Scattered (82) -- Chris Mason & Mark Jickling
o noapte si o zi -- from "romania in epoca de aur"
Deep Sea Divers -- Darwin Deez
You're the Hangnail in My Life -- Snowblind Friend
Do You Remeber -- Ane Brun
Bats -- The Uncluded
die welt ist schlecht -- Die Doraus & Die Marinas
Skorokoro (Walking Away) (ft. Okmalumkoolkat) -- Spoek Mathambo
Eternal Tears -- Jib Kidder
Se Naxaniseka -- Tlyiselani Vomaseve
Skipping A Beat -- I'm From Barcelona
B Boy -- Macklemore
Dis Is How I Does Wine -- Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
I Call Your Name -- Johnny Clegg & Savuka
Zuata Zuata -- Puto Prata
Symphony 10: Could This Really Be The End? -- Emily Wells
stau pe cheiul din port -- from "romania in epoca de aur"
Tramp -- Otis Redding and Carla Thomas
Fred Von Jupiter -- Astrobuger, from "Quite Obscure and Practically Marzipan"
Baby I Don't Know Right Now -- Jason Grier

**I'll admit a little laziness with this one.  I re-purposed a much longer mix I made a year ago, also called "Marzipan", added a few songs, cut most, and then uploaded it.  I've been listening to the original mix in my studio all weekend.  I've been sooo busy in fact, I completely forgot to write anything the whole weekend, save this last minute addition.  "Marzipan" has no meaning per say, just let the mess mix together and glide down (if you ears can stomach it).  Goat food. 

Lazy, busy Pan. . .


  1. And a Frohe Weihnachten to you as well, ducky (yeah, I know the Swiss also speak French and Italian, depending on the canton, but you're using the German dialect so what the heck). Sounds like we're both in our studios this weekend -- I'll check out your playlist as I work.

  2. I haven't had Marzipan since I moved back here from're making me nostalgic!

  3. "Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba" Tune # 4 " Haddu Zeit" Dont know what it means but it sounds like ny name and I love it lol

  4. Oops. Had to switch out the Dick Rivers. I meant to include a different song. :-)

  5. Marzipan is yummy. The one you pictured is actually made in the City of Luebeck in northern Germany. :)