Thursday, December 12, 2013


With everything from Frida Kahlo's "Red Snapper, Veracruz Style" (p. 76) and Mallarmé's "Chanterelles" (138) to Allen Ginsberg's "Borscht" (p. 54) and Renoir's "Potato Salad" (p. 152), The Modern Art Cookbook proves artists really do have taste, literally.

While fellow communist gourmand and famous Andalusian face-breaker Pablo Picasso (born Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad) has some of the tastiest, most exotic recipes listed, including "Scramble in Sea Urchin Shells" (p. 38), "Fruit Swimming in Ginger" (p. 180), "Charlotte au Chocolate" (p. 226) and "Sangria of Els Quatre Gats" (238), Alice B. Toklas by far takes the cake, with entries like "Omelette in an Overcoat" (p. 66), "Creamed Cucumbers" (p. 111), and "Browned Spinach Daisy" (p. 120).

Other favorites include: Roy Lichtenstein's "Roast Fillet of Beef" (p. 98), X.J. Kennedy's "Timeless Beef, Mushroom, Instand Coffee and Irish Whiskey Stew" (p. 100), and Robert Motherwell's "Whiskey Cake" (p. 218).  Don't forget nipple-and-lit-cigarette-pop-erotica pioneer Tom Wesslemann's "Lemon Sponge Pudding" (222)

The book includes beautiful illustrations (usually of food) and the occasional poem, like this entry on strawberries, from page 184:

"Strawberry Breasts"

A pink plate with two erect feminine breasts made of ricotta dyed pink with Campari with nipples of candied strawberry.  More fresh strawberries under the covering of ricotta making it possible to bite into an ideal multiplication of imaginary breasts.

(formula by the Futurist Poet of National Record Farfa)

A special thank you to ClaireBear for the tasty early Xmas present!


  1. I want a "boners for books" coffee table book.

  2. Your hot beautiful boner makes my mouth water and my appetite increase, just thinking about your cookin'...! Damn!