Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Tick.  Tock.

All greased up and no where to go. . .

 Cholesterol covered head:

Grease lighting:

Even moodier grease lighting:

One last bout of heroic composure before Cam and crew smother me alive in cold silicone:

2 + hours laying completely still, trapped under a solid mass of silicone, on a table in a freezing room (without the slightest ability to adjust your body for comfort) is a surprisingly difficult (and painful) experience. . . and beautiful, once complete.  I can now say I know what "freedom" truly means (and a little bit of "death" to boot).

Freedom certainly isn't free.  Sculptor Cameron Stalheim's thesis deadline approaches sooner than he'd like: April.  He couldn't afford to wait 20 more days to start working.  Simply to begin this initial step in the process, Cameron had to borrow a significant amount of money from his parents.  If you didn't realize how expensive art can be (just in the making), take Cameron's thesis project as an object lesson in the fiscal dictums of material necessity: the silicone alone costs nearly $1,300.00.  That doesn't include the resulting cast or my fish-tale, sculpted from scratch.  With 16 days to go, he's not even half way to his respectably modest goal.  Art isn't free either unfortunately.

With new incentives (including a dinner date with me), show your support HERE.

In order to apply the silicone properly-- before it could set-- Cameron's noble effort required the assistance of 4 fellow grad students (three pictured above).  Each layer took at least 20 minutes to cure.  Cameron and crew applied 5 layers total and one extra, unintentional layer thanks to difficulty with his model (me!).  Unfortunately, the original pose Cameron hoped to achieve pinched my left shoulder.  I completely lost feeling in my arm (and the ability to move my fingers) after the first coat.  To remedy the situation, Cameron had to cut my arm free and re-apply a partial layer.

Turns out ice tea for breakfast was also a bad idea.  In addition to repositioning my arm, I had to pee after the first coat as well.  With surgical precision, Cameron had to delicately cut my penis loose temporarily so I could piss in a bucket.  I barely made it to the end before I had to pee again.  :-)



  1. You look really beautiful all smooth and shiny. You should do a video with the new smooth look. Hot. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. Colby, I really want to help with this project but I'm a little leery of donating on Kickstarter. Is there any other way I can contribute money?

    It's fantastic that you're helping another artist with his senior thesis project. Things like this are what make you so awesome.

  3. I guess it's a good thing for your hair/pubes that they haven't banned trans fats just yet. ;)

  4. Lots of passionate hard work. Good luck to Cameron!

  5. Wow, that was amazing. Thanks for sharing. Really cool. You look so beautiful.

  6. I agree that you really look beautiful but prefer you hairy. Miss the hairy chest!

  7. Well, it's not every day that your head is covered in cholesterol. I'm already in on the Kickstarter, but let me see if there's anything else I can do.

  8. Classic double bicep pose gets me every time! Hotness.

    By the way, the goal was reached so congratulations to all! Can't wait to see the final!