Monday, December 9, 2013


Is it just me, or would one of these portraits by photographer Kelly Grider look extra HOT on an easel at my funeral?  Maybe some inspired young graphic designer out there could throw together a mock program sheet?  Please include an inspirational quote from Comrade Lenin (or Señor Zedong-- your pick) and LOTS of morose (yet heroic) hammers and sickles (and maybe a dildo or two).  If I  might also request an a capella rendition of "The Internationale" to start the service and "Oh Freedom" to close.  :-)

I mean, what does a funeral for a 30-foot dying communist merman look like after after all?

You tell me.

Ponder my elegant aquiline coffin (with the sumptuous curve of an eagle's piscine-starved beak graciously accommodating my noble tale. . . err, tail) and cough it up.  :-)

We still ain't hit the goal.  Don't let the dream die! 

"The Internationale", Okinawa-style (my favorite rendition):

The original French, "L'Internationale", sung by Rosalie Dubois:

And an English version, by Joey Only Outlaw Band-- since my real funeral will likely be held in the United States where most people don't speak Japanese or French (like me):

And last, but not least, "Oh Freedom", sung by the The Princely Players:

One final rendition, by Harry Belafonte.  Sing it Sister!


  1. On that day, If I'm alive, I'll be crying for 30ft communist merman.

  2. Communism would probably work well in mer communities. Not a lot to own really. Shells and seaweed belong to everyone.

  3. Replies
    1. Do you think seahorses run on gasoline?

  4. L'internationale is a good choice but for a funeral i prefer "Le chant des partisans" ou "Le déserteur" to salute the memory of a communist ... especially a merman communist! ;-)

    No Pasaran !!!

  5. Speaking French is cool, but speaking French AND Japanese??? frickin hot! How/why did you learn Japanese? (I do like the Okinawa sound)