Saturday, December 7, 2013


I got a little distracted for this "Boners for Books" post.  Can you find the Book?

If you said "Ruins" from the Documents of Contemporary Art series you are correct!!!  I couldn't source any local ruins for this shoot without threatening the possibility of arrest, so I snuck down to my neighbor's old apartment, in the midst of a 3 + + + + month renovation. . . and well, a table full of caulk distracted me.  

A special thank you to BSD reader Andrew for the early Xmas present.  :-)

Urban ruins outside my window.


  1. Love the urban ruins. Reminds me of my Baltimore days, and Dawn Davenport after knocking her mother into the Christmas tree and running away from home only to end up getting fucked on a dirty mattress in a vacant debris strewn lot. Thanks for the memories!

  2. DAP headquartered in Baltimore, BTW. Not that anyone cares.

  3. if your neighbor isnt there anymore does that mean no buddacup around? ;-( /overly invested in cats

  4. Mr. Keller,

    In total alignment with your suffering for the sake of art by having to shave all your body hair but your briar patch (as noted before), I also have shaved my body hair.

    My small way of being a part of the act in a metaphysical way.

    I must say however that I am a little prickly between the cheeks.

    How are you today?


  5. Colby
    I love how comfortable you are with your body, nudity, sexuality... Truly an inspiration! :-)