Tuesday, December 17, 2013


To all you wealthy Santas out there, I have some good news!  The top line item on my list this year is relatively affordable (a mere hundred bucks), the Xbox Kinect.  While my recent foray into the world of 3-D printing at the Museum of Art and Design this past October only ended in disappointment, the experience inspired some creative ideaers for future projects.  My body scan somehow left me with a third arm-- an impossible fix according to the kind folks at Shapeways.  There will be no miniature naked Colbys for sale anytime soon.  But . . . Perhaps . . . I could print off my own porn instead?  Frame. By fucking Frame. (literally)

That's essentially what Spanish artist Alejandro Gomez-Arias and his girlfriend did.  Using a Kinect, Alejandro recording himself fucking his girlfriend and posted the results on Vimeo.  Just think what Colby and friends could do with a scanner and, well, a much more costly Christmas present . . . a 3-D printer? :-)


  1. If this somehow leads to being able to print out celebrities as sex drones (think Leeloo in the Fifth Element), then I am all for it.

    I would like to pre-order a six pack of Jim Morrisons, please, with a side of Elvis; and I want my Elvis medium-young, no sideburns.