Friday, December 6, 2013


While I can't say I'm fond of begging my few and impoverished fans to fund yet another Kickstarter, this project, co-sponsored by Cockyboys, deserves your attention.  3-Bits is a hilarious new web-series that stars, among others, genius comedian and performance artist Erin Markey.  Markey plays Madison on the series (FULL DISCLOSURE: BSD Minister of Propaganda Karl Marxxx has performed a full jump-rope routine for one of Markey's burlesque reviews in the past).  And the lesbians?  Well, the lesbians are so fucking fuckable.  Is that wrong for me to say?   

Cockyboys is teaming up with the producers of 3-Bits to raise enough money to continue the series, with the aim of incorporating several "cocky boys" in the process (moi perhaps?) in both sexual and non-sexual roles.  To help the project, I'm donating my time and potential semen (or simply a friendly ear): 5 minutes of one-on-one Colby cam time for a $500 donation, 10 minutes for $1,000.  Who knows, maybe this will lead to a lucrative retirement career as a bona fide actor???

A boy can dream. . . starting HERE

Watch the 3-Bits for yourself HERE

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