Monday, December 2, 2013


A swipe to your right.  

A swipe to your left.  

Keep your forefinger thumbing (and your forethought at bay) and the fine young gentleman above will grow in size right before your very eyes!  Finally an app for erection fanciers like myself.  I'm not about to recycle my old stack of EFQs, but I like the idea.  Any young aspiring sepia-tone directors want to help me film my own?  With a happy ending this time?  Sadly, artist Dani Ploeger's interactive video "Ascending Performance" is only available on the Android adult app market MiKandi.  

Sadly (and thankfully) because a kindhearted friend took pity on the poor this past weekend and donated me his old iPhone, my first!  Not an Android, but as good an excuse as any to toss my old Nokia block phone back in the garbage bin of techno-history.  Maybe now people will stop accusing me of being a drug dealer (and asking me to join Instagram).  

In the spirit of Ploeger's app, my first smart phone selfie, "Descending Performance, Shaved", 2013:    

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