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SHANE SHANE is a Brooklyn-based performer, songwriter and video artist.  He has appeared onstage in New  York at the Wild Project, Dixon Place, with the Ripe Time Theatre Company, and the Club at LaMama.  He throws a monthly performance party in Bushwick called "FANCY" and occasionally contributes to ArtNews New York and the Culture Whore blog.  He will be releasing his first album as Shane Shane early this year.  He hails from the great Midwest, and is lucky to have an amazing boyfriend, family, and cat.

BSD: You now work in NYC, correct? Where are you originally from?
SS: I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago which is where my family still lives.  But before I moved here two years ago I had lived in Wisconsin for almost 10 years, so I sort of consider myself to be an adopted son.  Madison, WI is always going to be a second home for me.  I think.  I hope.

BSD: What's it like to work in NYC, as opposed [where you're from]?
SS: What I love most about being in New York is that among the queer performers I often share a stage with, I'm usually the most conservative person in the room, which is just the way I like to feel.  By the time I left Wisconsin I felt like every time someone was introducing me they'd be like, "And now!  The totally wacky and crazy and weird Shane!" which got tired just because it's not how I view myself.  But apart from that, Madison was a really supportive, open-minded and fun place to perform.  Madison has a lot of things I just loved about it, there's just more of it in New York.

BSD: Do you prefer collaboration or working solo?
SS: I think most people, myself included, produce better work in collaboration, since you get to bounce ideas off each other, edit one another, and synthesize your experiences.  But considering how difficult it is to find a good meld (like I had with my band Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons in Wisconsin) it's easier in a lot of ways just to work on your own.  There are trade-offs.

BSD: Do you own any porn? What's your go-to jerk off material?
SS: I don't think I own any porn at the moment, what with the internet and all.  At one point I know I had a porn called "Middle Eastern Guys" which didn't end up featuring any Middle Eastern Guys at all.  As for my personal favorites in pornography, I stumbled upon a forum that collects scenes in heterosexual porn that appeal to gay men and I can't get enough.  Google "Homoerotic Scenes in Straight Porn" and thank me later.

BSD: What can we expect in 2014?
SS: I plan to finally release a proper Shane Shane album in 2014 and am in the process of producing and releasing the backlog of music videos and short sketches I've mapped out in my head for quite some time now.  I've decided 2014 is the year of my media blitz.  So stay tuned!!

If you're in NYC, check out SHANESHANE's heady mix of original music, body positivity, absurd comedy, and scatalogical eroticism to The Club at LaMama January 17-19, 2014 for his show, LIQUID NONSENSE: AMIABLE NITRATE.

For more information (and especially to check out more of ShaneShane's videos) please visit:

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  1. Great interview Karl. Thanks for introducing us to his art.