Thursday, January 9, 2014


Did you really think I was the only one Left?

Today, I can proudly proclaim writer, activist and real-life communist Jesse Myerson the first ever winner of the Comrade Colby Medal of Solidarity (my heart).  Predictably enough, Myerson found himself the target of the Right-Wing-Bullshit-Machine after publishing a sensible article last week for Rolling Stone Magazine: "Five Economic Reforms Milennials Should be Fighting For".

1.  Guaranteed Work for Everybody

2.  Social Security for All

3.  Take Back the Land

4.  Make Everything Owned by Everybody

5.  A Public Bank in Every State

Controversial ideas I know.  How is it possible to be happy unless other people aren't?

For an in depth critic of Myerson's proposal and the backlash it inspired, I highly suggest watching his interview with fellow Colby Crush Chris Hayes:


  1. He's adorable. Cute, smart, and able to engage in witty repartee. Any public info on his orientation?

    1. As Edith Massey says in Female Trouble, "If they're smart, they're gay. If they're stupid, they're straight."

  2. Chris Hayes is okay, but my msnbc nerd-crush is on Steve Kornaki. He's a doll and openly gay. I just wanna cuddle up with him. TMI? Strong candidates for msnbc nerd-crush also include Ari Melber, Jonathan Capehart, Ezra Klein...and of course Rachel Maddow.

  3. 1, 2, and 5: no problem. Not so sure about 3 and 4. Human nature is on some level inherently corrupt, and it will be better if channels of exploitation/influence/advantage are aboveboard and regulated. It's kind of like legalizing drugs.