Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ouch!  How wrong is it for a Marxist to be turned on by a DVD called "Slave Market"?

Don't worry.  I made sure to punish Lil Colby for his crimes.  

Atheltic Model Guild classic "Slave Market" courtesy of Bob Mizer and BSD Reader Randal (sorry it's taken so long for the post Randal!!!!).  


  1. Lil Colby aint so little. Can u send me that Laurel and Hardy curtain?

  2. Yes, but you can always fantasize about freeing all those poor downtrodden boys. And since you'd get all achy and filthy in this struggle, they could spontaneously show you their gratitude with a long, slow oil massage, and then a hot bath, and then...erm. I think I need to go write an outline now, kthanxbye.

  3. I remember when I was little and learned about slavery in Sunday school. My next door neighbor, whose family was fundamentalist, hard-core, Baptists, had a tent set up in their basement. We discussed the Sunday school lesson, and soon we were playing a new game. I had him stripped and lying down inside the tent, which was now a slave market. I inspected him to make sure the goods were high quality, and soon I was walking back and forth in front of the tent, yelling Slave for sale! Needless to say his parents found us, and were horrified. They called my parents and thought maybe we had gotten into a Playboy or something. Nope, just churching! That good ole Bible religion!

  4. The funny thing about calling yourself a marxist is that under a marxist government you couldn't even use internet, blogger, or legally do/watch (gay) porn :)))

  5. Oh. Em. Gee! Where did you find that Laurel and Hardy sheet? I'm guessing Thrift store...but if you've had that since you were a kid that's awesome! I've still got my superfriends bed-sheets.