Thursday, January 2, 2014


As I'm prone to do on holidays, particularly ones that celebrate the passage of time, I took a brief stroll down memory lane yesterday.  When I was in high school, digging for a place to put down roots, I picked up a copy of Rattapallax, a magazine devoted to poetry from around the world, with hopes that I might find a nice nugget of nitrogen there.  A free CD accompanied each published edition, which saved me the hassle of actually having to read the thing.  At some point a few years ago, Rattapallax ceased printing a paper version and moved their operations online.  I eventually lost touch.  Hoping to reconnect with their updated website (and plunder a cache of free audio files to boot), I came across this draft for a video called "Shiva Destroys Sex".

Remember: love is a battlefield.  Don't let the Supreme God of "All" destroy your sex-life.  

Unfortunately, the website is simple a front for the magazine's new app, which doesn't play on my new iphone.  I guess I'll finally have to buy myself an ipad this Orthodox Christmas.

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  1. Great, now I'm never gonna get that song out of my head. You have the coolest collection of stuff.