Thursday, January 30, 2014


Can you spot the penis???

"Skeleton, no. 5" (2013) by Amy Yao on the cover of the current issue of Flash Art.  

" 'I Don't Care About Anything Else" signals at once the purity and productive power of desire, as well as the puerility of its exclusionary field.  Now that signs have dissociated from the referents, an "I" constructs its self-styled identity on a whim, randomly borrowing its foundations.  Desire is caught in the glassy, infinitely exchangeable reflection of its fetishization in capital.  Yao's work unravels there, somewhere in the difference between the fetish and collection.  If the collection, in the Western world, is a "strategy for the deployment of a possessive self, culture and authenticity" and the "marking-off of a subjective domain that is not 'other,'" she says, quoting James Clifford's The Predicament of Culture, it is an indicator of good taste and eductation.  The fetish, on the other hand, is associated with the "(negative) private fixation on single objects," the savage, the deviant, the idolatrous and the erotic."

Noura Wedell, p. 86

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  1. james clifford's "the predicament of culture" is one of my standard go to books , along with jacques derrida's sublime "the postcard"....