Thursday, January 16, 2014


Fairy style . . .


  1. Alas, not the strangest thing I have fapped to. Not even close.

  2. Jean Baudrillard: "The strange dream of a penis penetrating the meatus of another male organ, which itself becomes confused with a female sex organ (in the dream, all this seems entirely plausible). In the end, they are two Siamese twins joined by a single convergent penis, like a Klein bottle, the topological figure in which the neck folds back round into the base, forming a single convex object. Whereas the two were once happy or unhappy together, now the one automatically feels better when the other feels worse. This balance can be maintained indefinitely. In the perfect couple, what disappears in the one reappears in the other." (from COOL MEMORIES IV: 1995-2000) xo, Zach Pace

  3. Well, that's certainly one way of getting around the size difference. Now I'm just wondering if this is a one-off panel or something from a yaoi manga.