Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I may be one of the few men on Planet Earth who doesn't own a single pair of jeans.  Not one.  That said, I can't imagine what exactly the GIF below intends to convey other than the personally idiosyncratic observation that many boys seem to have holes in their crotches right where their balls are.  Am I wrong?  Or are my eyes (and imagination) simply preoccupied?

A special thank you to BSD reader and self-described "soccer mom from Ohio" Susan D. for sending me a beautiful copy of Jeans, a monograph of jean-specific work by Swiss photographer (and BSD favorite) Karlheinz Weinberger.

I may not own a pair myself, but I certainly appreciate a bulging dude in denim when I see one (hole or no hole):

Selections from Jeans:


  1. You and your boner are beautiful

  2. Those jean shorts are to die for! But, how does a guy keep his junk in them? Of course, I would need the pitcher too for serving beverages.

  3. You just keep getting sexier and sexier.. my jeans always seem to go in the knees and rectal region..