Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There are very few flavors I can think of tolerating, let alone enjoy, if married also to an avalanche of unexpected liquid "surprise"-- ejaculating precipitously toward the roof of my palette (YES.  The physics don't work!), lacking all intention but the simplest hint of warning-- beyond, of course, the most obvious, worst offender: sweet.  Think "Gushers".  No fear.  No "there" there.  Just sweet.  You know to anticipate its easy virtues.  Every child does.  How could you be disappointed?  It's sugar. 

When I'm in San Francisco (like I was last night) I stay at the Good Hotel on Mission Street, a clean and convenient choice-- cozy even-- yet somehow situated in one of the city's few dicey neighborhoods.  A liquor store, an adult movie arcade at nearly every corner, yet "dicey" in more ways than one: count also the handful of foodie-friendly farm-to-table restaurants on the same square block. 

I decided to reward myself for a very GOOD, INTENSE performance with newcomer Joseph Rough by sampling the closest, most adventurous menu: TBD (To Be Determined). 

To Best Describe the experience: I found my surprise. . .  and yea. . . it was good-- something I'd never experienced before in fact: locally harvested seaweed (not the green "sushi" kind but small strings of reddish kelp polyps) set on two charred slabs of sesame toast, slathered with cultured goat butter.  Crunch a kelp pod in your mouth and you might just get a subtle burst of sea brine, a flavor I wouldn't suspect I'd enjoy so thoroughly, however much the evidence for such likely appeal stared me straight in the face on more than one propitious occasion in the past:    

I SEE PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me started on "Winter Citrus Scallops" generously attired in crushed fennel ice . . .


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  1. I sometimes dramatically read this out loud because it's fun and it is beautifully written but also I love screaming I SEE PENIS at the end.