Saturday, February 15, 2014


Believe it or not, I do have a heart (or something closely resembling a heart), as portraiture-provocatuer J.Bone clearly understands.  Just because I have a heart myself, doesn't mean I won't eat yours. . . or that of a baby lamb for instance, grilled to perfection by the remarkable talent at Bestia in LA.  

Please don't kill me Vegans!!!  I heart veggies too!  Especially really really big carrots.


  1. Great. Went to look at the menu, now I'm hungry. Unfortunately there is a decided lack of roasted lamb heart in the house, so PB&J sandwich it is. (And of course you have a heart. The last time I looked, you weren't made of tin.)

  2. How did it taste?

  3. It had a strong lamb flavor, with an iron aftertaste, like liver. Unfortunately they also used a citrus remoulade that overpowered the entire dish-- my least favorite of the many dishes we tried.