Thursday, February 20, 2014


I've know my fair share of 30 year olds, a few in the their 20s, one in their teens, some 40 year olds, and at least one remarkable 53 year old.  But a 200 year old douche?

Yes.  A team of archaeologists recently discovered the ancient bone relic in question (pictured above) on a dig near New York's City Hall.  Given the context of the dig site-- a trash midden littered with liquor bottles three feet beneath the ground-- team members speculate this particular hygiene device may have come to the aide of at least one lucky orgy participant.

For an informative glimpse into the often disregarded culture of the "Douche" look no further than the "Human Planet".  Yes.  We have to share it.  

For the real "Human Planet" (a favorite of mine) click HERE.

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  1. While the orgy theory is lovely, it's more likely that it belonged to a high-end prostitute (the poorer ones just used rags or sea sponges tied onto a stick, as douching with certain salts was a contraceptive method used back then).