Wednesday, March 19, 2014


A recent Google search for a completely unrelated post led me surprisingly to these pec-tacular erotic altar pieces.  Trip-dick indeed.

I also found this, which may be one of the weirdest animated porn images I've ever seen (if nothing for the awkward pose and plate of cookies):


  1. I'd've gone to church religiously (!) if the altars had looked like this.

  2. Never noticed it until now, but Laocoon and the snake may truly be a precursor to tentacle porn.

    P.S. I was solely coming in here to make the pun, "trip-dick;" alas, you already covered that. :(

  3. I was searching for Dickie Keller and WHAM! this is what I found...

  4. My three years in a Catholic grammar school makes me absolutely sure Sister Ruth is about to sweep in here and smack me. My adult secular humanism is thinking, hmm, interesting visual interpretation of the sacred and the profane (what part is sacred and what part is profane is, of course, a choice on the viewer's part).