Friday, March 7, 2014


Hail Britannia, ruler of the fans. . . four fans in particular: Sarah, Michelle, Pia, and a fourth who goes unnamed in the letter accompanying the following care package-- simply put, the dog's bollocks:

A selection of teas, courtesy of Whittard of Chelsea (Acerola Cherry, Chilli Chai and Spice Imperial Black), several books ("Claire of the Sea Light", "Sex, Art and the Dow Jones", "The Power of Judgement, A Debate on Aesthetic Critique", and "The Ince Blundell Collection of Classical Sculpture: Volume I -- The Portraits -- Part 2, The Roman Male Portraits"), the perfect pint glass, prayer beads, a cock lolly, a cheeky t-shirt, and last, but not least (and one of my favorites), a fully-stocked tool belt!


  1. Colby,
    Your sex films a so hot! But your blog is even better. Thanks for so much fun with each post!

  2. You still have to come up with a name for your marvelous British fans, you know. The ColbyCollective? The Kellies? The Women Who Are Fond of a Bit of Cheese and Pickle? Must think on this...

  3. PJ, 31, Tampa BayMarch 10, 2014 at 1:47 AM

    You know... lately ive been thinking about something.. and I'm not quite sure how best to put this, so bear with me Colby.. I dont like objectifying you sexually. That sounds bad, but its not. Yes, you are an amazingly sexy gorgeous man, but I find you more attractive not for the physical qualities so much as the intellectual and personal qualities that make you YOU.. I've never seen many male performers who act and present themselves as normal human beings, not just pieces of meat. To me, thats the most beautiful thing about you. That and you are a total nerd like me lol I think most of your fans would agree with me on this, and i think thats why you have so many. There is one thing about that that bothers me.. the stage name. I know you have to have it and all.. but I cant help but always wonder what your real name is, to match the REAL person that I appreciate and admire so much. You remind me of a Gabe lol Don't know why... Personally I think if I ever met you in person I'd be so dumbfounded I'd probably be rendered mute lmao Thank you Colby for being you, and for sharing the real you with us :) We all love you for it.