Thursday, March 27, 2014


I can't really claim the director's chair for this one, but I do have a minor roll to play-- touching on everything from "Alternate Universe Prostitution", "Angst" and "Fluff" to "Violence" and "Dubious Consent".  Thanks to my poor translation abilities, I haven't figured out anything more definitive.

Maybe you can help?

If you know Italian, check out "Stairway to Heaven" by ladymacbeth77, and let me know what the fuck (and who is fuck) is going on.


  1. Hello Mr Keller. This is is SBilborough from twitter. The Italian is about a man called Christopher, the leader of a group of strippers in what seems to be a bar in a resort. The bar is controlled by shady types. He wants to better his life, but his plans are undermined by love and the desire for a better life. Now will you have sex with me? (Just in case it's not clear, the last sentence is not from the Italian.)

  2. I remember this story. The tags are a bit dark, but the story was beautiful and uplifting (and smutty, yes). SBilborough here above explained the main plot very well. When you use these platform to share stories you have to indicate every single aspect of the story, even if they are just hints.

  3. I would help you (I'm italian) but the link to the story "Stairway to heaven" doesn't work :(

  4. i don't understand italian, but one word comes to mind in seeing the photo in this post - magnifico