Monday, March 3, 2014


An open-source digital condom prototype???


  1. Seems like a solid plan, but what if it gets hacked? I don't want the NSA wrapped around my johnson, NOR do I want Edward Snowden leaking information about my ween to the Russians.

    At some point in my life, I might end up at a cocktail party with Julian Assange, and it would be really unnerving if he struck up a conversation with, "I greatly enjoyed the dossier on your dingle-dangle. Is it true that you like a cold hand on the backside of your ballsack?"

    1. *slow clap* You, sir, win all the Internets for this post.

  2. I had something viable to add to the conversation, but then I accidentally read David's comment.
    He had me at "leaking information about his ween to the Russian's" but the dossier on the dingle-dangle, I totally lost it and now I'm sitting here crying from laughter. Fucking fuck.

    Oh well, just one more reason to keep coming back to your blog.
    If it's not your wonderful, informative and fabulous posts... it's your fucking brilliant and witty fan and reader base. :D


  3. Ah, yes, high tech meets wedding tackle. If they can pull this off (hur, hur, I said "pull this off), it would certainly be a huge improvement. That being said, the concept of plugging The Condom of Tomorrow into a computer network concerns me, not only because of the hacking/data theft angle. I mean, what happens if the network crashes while you're in mid-hump? Talk about the ED from Hell.

    Also, in a moment of pleasing serendipity, I'm currently working on a SF story that includes liquid nanotech condoms that form a sensation-transferring sheath over the penis. The nanoparticles in the sheath also identify and encapsulate viruses, bacteria, and (obviously) sperm. We can do better than latex, ladies and gentlemen!