Wednesday, March 5, 2014


What are you most ashamed of? 

I, for one, have a lengthy list.  Somewhere near the top you'll find "Hookers on the Beach".  Months and months and months ago, I asked BSD readers to respond (in song) to the image of a billboard I discovered while visiting my parents in rural Texas.  I promised that I would convert any response I received into a music video of my own creation.  One reader, Andrew Klaus, of the band Mattachine Social, dutifully contributed a full-length composition.  I, on the other hand, failed to fulfill my end of the bargain-- not that I didn't film myself trying.  With the idea that I'd green screen myself walking on the beach in each of the bathing suits I own (skimpy gay, "straight" longboard and birthday suit), I ultimately couldn't gather enough time to edit the footage to completion. 

I'd almost (almost!) forgotten about the project entirely until Andrew sent me an email earlier this week.  He decided to release the track on a new album, for a new project (Boarding School).  He changed the name of the track from "Hookers on the Beach" to "Sirens (For Colby Keller)".  Despite my slovenly inability to complete the simplest task, Andrew still decided to dedicate the song to me. 

I'm profoundly honored.   

Thank you Andrew!

If you'd like to listen to "Sirens" (or download a copy for yourself-- pay what you will) click HERE

It turns out walking in place doesn't quite look as natural as I'd hoped.    


  1. This demonstrates the fractal nature of creativity and inspiration. You showed readers a picture and asked them to to come up with appropriate music for a video project based on the picture. Andrew came up with a gorgeous track that evokes a sunny day by the sea, and put it in his newest album. I bought the album because it will make a great soundtrack for me while I'm writing the Olympic Cove books. I LOVE this kind of domino effect.

  2. AH! Thank you so much! Glad people are getting to hear the track and enjoy the record as it was a really fun one to make. Much love xoxoxo

  3. Great! One of my good friends and a talented artist. Go Klaus! Go Colby!

  4. Haha, you move like I did the last time someone suggested it would be "super fun" to line dance at a country-western bar.

    So, were you going to CGI the bathing suits onto your body, too? Don't you have to wear green undies for that effect? I must admit, as with most recent cinema, I greatly prefer the movie WITHOUT the special effects. ;)

  5. I've never enjoyed bad mime more.