Friday, March 14, 2014


While I enjoy a good tease, I can't say I'm tainted (just yet).  With the help of artist Terrell Davis I may get there soon.  Terrell is either a former Denver Broncos running back or this guy (or both).  I prefer to imagine he's both.

Sick!  A hammer and sickle. . . 

I stumbled across Terrell's seizure-ready GIF collage on and instantly fell in love.  Not only can you find boys and butts, you may even spot the outer edge of a silver hammer and sickle.  I printed off my own static version in T-shirt form, all courtesy of, a website where you can generate your own internet-informed art and turn it into clothes as well.  Colby shirts anyone?

Samples of Terrell's shirts below (GIFs frozen):
Thank you Terrell!!!!  It's not e v e r y t h i n g (gotta save the hole, errr "whole" for someone) but here are a few GIFs of my own:


  1. Oh yeah this is where I'm getting my Colby Tshirt.

  2. Didn't you mention in an interview you are a half nudist? Don't know if it's the right term.

  3. I'd love to buy a Colby Tshirt you designed. That would be so cool

  4. OMG! Colby I want to see pictures of the new haircut!!!!!

  5. Where can I buy that shirt?