Thursday, March 13, 2014

#TWITTERFICTION FESTIVAL: Minister of Propaganda @iamkarlmarxxx and others take fiction to the birds!

From now until March 16th, thousands of writers and readers around the world are engaging in the #TwitterFiction fest, sponsored by a bunch of publishing industry mainstays and new media elite, this fiction fest could transform the way we read and tell stories. . . or at the very least give us another distraction from the jobs we all hate.  Big Shoe Diaries, Minister of Propaganda, Karl Marks is participating and you can check out his sometimes sultry feed as well as the many other writers involved by following the Hashtag, #TwitterFiction.


As he woke, slowly of course because he'd been drinking, he thought he smelled bacon. But "we" had been vegan for years.

His arms and legs kept pumping and the wheels kept spinning, but he was going nowhere.

He received the selfie. "Legs days are most important. Cuuuuute!" went back to his squats.

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