Monday, April 21, 2014


Last week was kind of crazy in preparation for the first decennial potlatch in Baltimore! Colby barely found time to make video poems for the winners of the first challenge: Erotic Haiku.  And we are a little behind schedule, so this third mini-challenge is on short deadline.  You have until Thursday, April 24th at 11:59 p.m. (EST) to submit this week's challenge to LAWNTATTOO@GMAIL.COM with the Subject Line: EKPHRASTIC STICK POETRY. 

Ekphrasis is a hard word to say. It's a poem that is a comment on or response to another art form, for example a film, an adult film, a photograph, a pornographic photograph, a sculpture, an erotic sculpture. . . well, you get the drift.  Submit your entry by Thursday evening to have  special video poem made if you are selected as the winner. Be sure to provide the source of the art to which your poem responds. Obvious preference will be given to ekphrastic poetry involving a work of art or film featuring Colby Keller.

Winners for Concrete Poetry Mini-Challenge II will be announced Thursday to give you that extra inspiration.  All entries in the mini-challenge are automatically entered in the Big Shoe Poetry contest for National Poetry Month.  Get to writing!


  1. One wonders just how many poems y'all got about mermen. One is also endeavoring to find a different subject for her poem, just to be contrary.

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