Thursday, May 1, 2014


The winner of the Concrete Poetry competition is Big Shoe favorite, MMF with her beautifully rendered Colby kiss form in the poem, To Become Known.  Congratulations, Melanie! And here's Colby reading the poem. . . it was fun trying to figure out which way to read it.  Enjoy!


  1. My eyes change the colour like yours too. Feeling like blood straight push in the head...
    Someone wrote it, after been tach bay pleasure of Heaven.
    Enjoy listening your reading. ...
    More than that. It was given much more pleasure than watch porn. You are given so much emotions and your self.
    I am never doubt your talent.
    Still you voice in my head.
    Tear in eye. ...
    Brilliant. Excellent.
    Words not enough to express my feelings.
    Thank you. ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Beautiful poem Melanie! Brava and congrats!

  3. I am totally blown away by this, and SO honored. Thank you. And Lord, Colby's reading was just wonderful (er, sorry about the difficulty in reading the order. I should have sent the text as well).

  4. An impressive poem, Melanie! I really enjoyed it.

  5. Okay, because I'm anal-retentive this way, here's the poem as it was originally written (and CK, you are SUCH a good sport, and I owe you a beer for putting you through this):

    To Become Known

    Two strangers kiss.
    An intimate act, soft flesh over hard bone,
    Made wet with inquiring tongues.
    Bodies press together,
    Arms curve round and hold,
    Hard flesh will brush and rub,
    But the mouths are the center of attention
    In this moment of time.
    Tasting, savoring the other,
    The humidity of breath a reminder,
    A damp breeze from the first Garden.
    A hint of sweetness, a trace of salt,
    The taste of need is heady.
    Words whispered in between lazy
    Drugging kisses, so hot and sweet.
    Promises exchanged, to be fulfilled later
    in the expanse of white cotton.
    But first, there will be kisses.
    And in kisses, two strangers meet
    And become known.

  6. Awesome poem. And adorable reading. :)