Friday, May 16, 2014


You've likely seen the film Amelie and enjoyed the subplot of Amelie's father's garden gnome traveling the world and encouraging him to do the same. In similar fashion, my own once-prized possessions are now making their own tours of the world.

Thanks to social media, I've been seeing just exactly what my old stuff is up to.  In the case of some favorite old sunglasses that ended up with fiction foodie writer, Kayti Anne, there have been some exciting adventures including beignet devouring, drinking before noon, film openings, book cover modeling and even a trip to a voodoo shop.

If you ended up with some Colby possessions from the Potlatch or one of the white boxes shipped across the globe and you have some time to share the photos, tweet them at me @colbykeller and I'll post them to the blog.  You can hashtag #potlatchadventures and give a little story so I know exactly what's going on. Safe travels to all my old stuff!!!

Sunglasses eating beignets!
Sunglasses drinking before noon.
Sunglasses drunk.
Sunglasses at a film opening.
Sunglasses as a Book Cover Photoshoot Accessory.
Sunglasses getting all voodoo on us.

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