Tuesday, June 17, 2014


As I spend the next month focused on crowd-funding my campaign to make free porn/art/art-porn in every state over the next year, I've reconnected with some great folks who are really gung-ho about the project.  One of these folks is Andy from Houston, who says this of his uber-hot photos . . .

"If I had any sense of shame, I'd blush, but I just have no filter so I'm more than flattered lol I'm an amateur portrait artist and I express my ideas and self awareness using photography. Most of my work is related to homosexual life, struggles and personal conflicts, being them depression or joy."


  1. If that's not sexy , I don't know what I don't know what is !

  2. I like gay porn too but im not attracted to men. I like ladies they are hot! But I think men like to see men working on men for some reason. It gives us erections and its kinda normal.

    Iphone Porn

  3. For what kind of reasons could "straight" men like to see men working on other men?
    It's a serious question.

  4. It has been a little over two years you posted these two photos @ColbyKeller and I tell you that I still feel super great and proud to have featured in your blog.
    Thanks a Lot and Cheers