Tuesday, July 1, 2014


** Wakefield has since contacted me and we've cleared up the confusion and plan to meet at the Newfest/Outfest screening in NYC at the end of this month.  Thanks to the readers for helping me correct the Peter/Dick Fisk mix up.

An Open Letter to Wakefield Poole

Peter Fisk (I incorrectly Google searched and originally posted "Dick Fish")

Dear Mr. Poole,

A couple of years ago, I was hired to work on a project on Fire Island.  The film, as explained to me by the director on the phone at the time, would be a remake of your iconic work, Boys in the Sand.  I immediately accepted and looked forward to my first trip to Fire Island.

I'd only seen clips of Boys in the Sand so I spent some more time reading about the film and it's role in our collective porn history and devoted a week of posts on my blog from guest writers from different generations who had seen your film in different settings.  My favorite entry came from my friend and film scholar, Bernard Welt who saw the film at a theater in NYC in the 80s.  Another wonderful entry came from Brian O'Brien of Fleshbot, born well after the original release, who saw it for the first time at an outdoor screening on Fire Island a couple of years ago.  I spent most of the week also trying to get in touch with you via various writers and friends because I wanted to interview you about the original film.  And then I read today's interview you did with the Sword.

*Did you see the remake that Colby Keller made of Boys in the Sand? [Editor's note: He's referring to Men in the Sand, directed by Jake Deckard.]
Yeah, I did. He called me and said I’m making a film to honor you and blah blah blah. He wanted permission and I said, “I don’t understand, are you remaking the movie?” He said, “No I’m doing it as an homage to you.” I said, “Well you can’t just remake the movie, unless you want to come up with some dollars or an agreement or something.” I said, “Talk to your lawyer about it and I’ll make some agreement about it with you. I’ll work with you.” Of course he didn’t. He sent me a copy of the movie and of course he didn’t even say anything about me in any of the publicity. He had nothing to say about me. So what he said he was gonna do was bullshit. He said, “I’ll make Boys in the Sand viable again.” That’s what he said. “I’ll make it reborn.” I thought well I’m just gonna leave it alone. I didn’t go in for any lawsuits or anything like that. But I didn’t think it was very good.
*This has since been corrected by the editors and the interviewer on the Sword's website.

You clearly confused me (again) with Jake Deckard, who made the film.  I was just hired to fuck in it.  I didn't claim to make the film "viable again" with the blog posts I did at the time but I wanted desperately to connect with you on an intellectual and personal level and bring new light to Boys in the Sand.  I know it's hard to distinguish between dumb porn stars but here's a scenario that might make it easier for you to understand.

Imagine that I'm the Casey Donovan in this situation (alright, that's too generous . . .), STRIKE THAT, I'm more of the Peter Fisk in this situation.  Imagine Peter Fisk has long heard about or even seen Mart Crowley's Boys in the Band and then finds out, presumably from you or one of your assistants that he is being hired to act in a porn parody loosely based on Mart's play/film called Boys in the Sand.  Peter gets excited and wants to learn more about this landmark gay comedy (or tragedy as none of us are still sure about Boys in the Band, right?) and decides to do blog posts about his experience learning about the film (but it was 1972 so let's assume Peter was also a science fiction buff and knew about fanzines and decided to do one of those about his experiences in gay porn).

So Peter learns more about the original film/play and gets some of his smarter friends to write really poignant pieces about their interactions with it and wants to know if Mart Crowley might do an interview.  But then Mart (Mart is you) calls/writes Peter (Peter is me) back (whereas we emailed) accusing Peter of being Wakefield (that's the 1972 you) about not having the rights to make the film and that cease and desist orders were issued.  So, clearly, Mart was still mad at Wakefield and may not know the difference between Wakefield and Peter and so Peter forwards the email (I mean the phone call if one can forward a phone call) to you (that's 1972 you, not now you) and sadly washes his hands of the whole thing.

All Peter really wanted to do was make a fanzine with stories about Mart's play/movie so that young kids that looked up to Peter, and older gays who liked Peter's perspective, and a growing number of female fans of gay media, might all learn more about your film, I mean Mart's play. Maybe he even did try and fail and the fanzine never came to fruition.

When you wrote back to me you hadn't actually read my email and you clearly confused me with Jake and whatever conversation you'd had with him. I'd love to honor you with an actual interview. Your work paved the way for my life as a porn actor and an artist and I am sad that you are mad at me when I think you're actually mad at someone else.

You can still reach me at bigshoediaries@gmail.com if you want to do an interview about the intersections of experimental film and porn. I think we'd have a lot to talk about.


  1. You've posted a picture of late 1970s-early 1980s porn performer Dick Fisk, not Peter Fisk (Schneckenburger). Let the confusion continue!

  2. Anonymous is correct that is Dick as in Penis and Fisk as in the University. Unlike Peter as in Willy and Fisk as in the University. All of this is confusing.

    This is the real Peter

  3. I'm glad he's since contacted you and you worked this all out.
    You're such a genuine and great guy, it seems like.
    I'd hate for anyone to miss out on the chance to be inspired by you (as well as inspire you) based on such a misunderstanding.


  4. Happy you fixed the photo :-)