Monday, July 28, 2014


New Yorker, Miguel Villalobos was inspired by a recent photo shoot I did and we're both quite pleased with the results.  I should keep my arm in the air more often!


  1. As for keeping your arms in the air more often...I second that ;)

  2. This fan art is fantastic like you, Colby! Best boy ever!


  3. Wow, this picture of you is wonderful. My congratulations to the artist =)

    PD: I love u Colby! <3 Kisses from Spain ^^

  4. Hi, Colby, my name's Arino (call me Ári, lol), I'm a brazilian illustrator and I really think you're and enchanting person, almost like a Disney prince, lol.... You know, I really think you're a very very handsome, smart and sensitive person, and I'd like to draw an illustration of you, since you enjoy art so much. I think it'd be a nice way to show my admiration. ;) I hope you like my humble gift. You know, I'm a very shy person too and I think we have many things in common and it's really interesting to see someone as introspective as you in the porn industry, ahhaha... It's an incentive for me, since shyness hinders me in so many ways, it's great to see such an unexpected role being played by someone who's very much like me in that sense.

    Well, I've got some illustrations to get done before yours, but definitely I'll be doing one for you because, well, you're too cute... Well, I'm blushing now so I should stop, hahahaha.

    Thank you! Hope you're doing really well there.

    Best regards. Sincerely, your great fan,
    Ári :D

  5. Hello Colby. I´ve seen many of your movies but you have one with another two guys by randy blue that shoot my mind, is really delicious what you do with those guys. Congratulations.