Sunday, July 6, 2014


So many of you have given such amazing support over the last 22 days.  I can't believe we've raised nearly 80% of the goal.  I'd say "what amazing teamwork" but you guys did all the hefty lifting . . . so, simply put, thank you.

A few folks have not been able to donate to the campaign because my IndieGogo isn't accepting PayPal as a possible payment method and some foreign credit cards don't work with IndieGogo or some folks only use paypal for online transactions. I did that because to receive Paypal funds from Indiegogo you have to be a business entity with a tax ID number and that takes about 30 days to do and I wasn't sure what I would even incorporate as because I needed to focus on fundraising.  Additionally, I had already started the IndieGogo campaign when I realized this so I couldn't stop and restart once I'd figured that out.

At that time, I thought about also soliciting donations straight through PayPal but I wanted to maintain the transparency of working within the IndieGogo campaign so that the numbers we all saw for the fundraising campaign were very accurate, both for me to announce our progress and for funders not to think I was begging for more help as private donations were rolling in through another channel.

However, yesterday's perk of Mennelik's polaroids that went so quickly coupled with the success we've met has made me realize I should also let people know they can donate directly for perks via pay pal to Big Shoe Diaries. The account name is bigshoediaries at gmail dot com and here is a link.  If using Paypal, in the message with the donation be sure to include information about which perk you are claiming.

I'd still prefer folks to use the campaign if possible, but if paypal is the only option you have for paying and you really want a perk, use the above method.  If that numbers becomes significant enough to change the campaign standings, I will announce it.

Thanks again to all you magical people for helping to make this fairy tale come true for me.

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