Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hello generous and loving fans! I'm working away and about to start a month long leg of #ColbyDoesAmerica.  So far, I've done filming in 7 states (and one foreign country due to the generosity of a friendly fan).  Editing is in process and I'm about to start a month long leg through several southern states (call for models tomorrow).

I'm still fulfilling perks and appreciate everyone's patience on that!  Watch for emails from colbykellerdoesamerica at gmail for instructions in case we're trying to ship/email you something. :)

Also, folks have been asking about my upcoming birthday.  I don't need gifts as everyone has been so generous already, but if you must, I'd love an awesome photo of a vintage strike tshirt from your local thrift store, so keep an eye out and snap a pic and send it to bigshoediaries at gmail dot com.  And if you MUST ship it to me because it's super awesome and super cheap, let me know that you've bought the tshirt and I'll send you my temporary shipping addy from the road.

Big Colby Union Hugs!!!


  1. just let me know when you get to AZ! My roof and food are yours!

  2. Greets from Poland! :)