Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Thanks to Friend of Colby (and all around fungi, or is that fun guy?) Andy W, for sharing with us this double whammy #ISEEPENIS and #ISEEASS forest tableau. I need to keep my eyes peeled for more of this while I'm exploring the wilderness!

Is this how mushroom sauce is made?

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Last year I was lucky enough to visit Brasil during Festival Mix Brasil 2014. It was a short trip, but I made the most of it. Between the festival itself and the museums, art galleries and sightseeing (Sao Paulo is beautiful!) I managed to squeeze in, I had an amazing time. While I was there, I also did a few photo shoots and interviews, and now I'm on the cover of Revista Junior Magazine!

Colby Fan Extraordinaire, Tito Luiz Pereira, was kind enough to translate the portion of the article currently posted online. And, Tito, just FYI – your English is MUCH better than my Portuguese! Thanks, handsome!

The #66 JUNIOR edition Especial Parada - Love Is Great with the porn star Colby Keller on the cover photographed by Gabriel C. Lucas it's already on the newsstand. Colby tells everything in an interview with André Fischer and take off everything in photo shoot in our pages, that still have 'Portofólio' sign by AJ Paris and the "Homem de Verdade" Fernando Olivenol by the lens of Gabriel Félix.

Here is a teaser of the chat with Colby Keller and André Fischer:

You came to Brazil during the project "Colby Does America", where you are travelling the United States making sex videos, meeting fans and collaborating with others artists...
Colby: This project is the sequel of my previous project "Everything But Lenin", when I donated absolutely everything I had, all my books, my clothes, furnishings, Twitter account, even my dad's ashes. Everything but my Lenin statue that was my amulet. I say 'was' because I ended up giving to a guy I met in the trip.

And from where this idea came from?
Colby: First came from a love disillusion. After that, the landlady of the apartment where I lived in Baltimore for years asked back the apartment. I decided to prove my detachment and leaving absolutely everything behind. I opened my home to friends and fans who could take everything they wanted. I raised $ 45,000 in donations from fans and bought a camera, a van and hit the road with virtually nothing.

Did you really get rid of absolutely everything?
Colby: Actually I kept some books, I put in a box that is in the house of a friend in New York. These books are part of the immense library that I gathered through other project, "Boners for Books", where I changed pictures of me with my cock hard for books that fans bought from my wish list on Amazon and sent to me.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I've officially made my way across the border! I spent some time in Alberta and am now in British Columbia and have been experiencing some serious wildlife. I saw my first Canadian Grizzly and Black bears (and I'm glad my camera has a good zoom because those things are huge!)

Grizzly Bear
Black Bear

I saw my first glacier, too! But, even better than just the glacier itself? See the men in this photo? The one in the orange turban was doing what looked to be some kind of traditional Sikh dance for his friend in front of the glacier... with a selfie stick. It was amazing! Canada is definitely a cultural mosaic.

Seeing the bears was awesome, but now I'm ready to spend some time experiencing the kind of wildlife that walks on two legs and likes to get naked in front of the camera (there was a 'wildlife walking erect' pun in there, but it seemed too easy.) 

I'm headed to Nelson, then Vancouver Island, and I'll be around for a few days looking to shoot, so if you're interested, get in touch! Bigshoediaries @ gmail dot com. I know Canadians can often be polite to a fault, but I'm sure there are a few boys who can help me put the OH in Oh, Canada.

Big Colby Hugs, Eh?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


First of all, I want to say thank you again (I don't think I can say it enough) to all of you who have been supportive of #ColbyDoesAmerica. So many of you have donated time, resources, and money to this project and there's no way it would be happening without that support.

Unfortunately, in addition to the criminals out there impersonating me on various social apps (I blogged about them back in January; they're still at it), it seems there are even more devious people out there trying to scam credit card information by posing as yours truly. 

While I do have a few different means for fans to donate to the #ColbyDoesAmerica project (print sales, the WhoreStore, or even PayPal donations), let me make it perfectly clear: 

You do NOT need a credit card to access the videos at 

There is an optional donation button on each page, that looks like this:

But you don't have to click it. And I promise, I am NOT asking for anybody's credit card information for age verification or any other purpose. So if you are approached online, or via Grindr or any other dating app, and asked for a credit card to access my site – it's a scam. 

This email was forwarded to me by someone who was approached by one of these fake Colbys. I think it's pretty obvious by the wording and bad spelling alone that this email is NOT from me, but criminals can make up all kinds of excuses for those sorts of discrepancies. If you do receive this email, or one like it, don't click any links – just flag it as spam or phishing and delete it. And please don't give your credit card information to this fraud.
If you receive this email, please report it as spam or phishing. It's NOT from me.

I wish there was more I could do about these fake Colbys. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that they're going away any time soon. So, once again, I humbly apologize to any of you who've been approached by any of these scam artists. 

As far as social media goes, this blog & Twitter (@colbykeller) are my main outlets. I don't have a Facebook page or Instagram account (apparently communist artists-cum-porn actors who like to show some skin are frowned upon, so both accounts were unceremoniously deleted without any due process.) I do use Grindr to find models, so if you think it's me messaging you but you're not 100% sure, please check here or my Twitter account first, to see if I really am in or near your city. If I'm going to be at a specific event in your town, I'll try to post that info here as well (just to clear up any confusion, I'm actually in Canada right now and won't be at Pittsburgh Pride as some of the fake Colbys have been telling folks.)

As always, if you are interested in being a part of #ColbyDoesAmerica, you can always email me at bigshoediaries at gmail dot com.

Big Colby (the real one) Hugs!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Before I left Oregon, I stumbled upon the SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture And Energy) Center. At first, I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it. It's a huge tourist attraction dedicated to teaching and promoting sustainable agriculture and alternative energy - there are tons of interactive displays with lots of activities geared toward kids. 
My first thought was that maybe it was some sort of industry-sponsored propaganda; the exhibits are a bit strange (a kinetic sculpture replica of a French fry making machine, and a hot air balloon simulation ride that describes all the various farms and businesses) and a butt-load of cash was sunk into it by the government (the $7 million price tag was divvied up and paid for by state economic development funds ($4 million) from  the Oregon Lottery and another $3 million from the Port of Morrow).

I guess in the end, though, if the place helps to promote sustainability, it can't be a bad thing. It's definitely worth the price of admission in the long run.

Friday, June 5, 2015


I'm about to hit the road again and I'm looking for models, artists, and collaborators who want to be involved in #COLBYDOESAMERICA.

I'll be on the road for the next month, travelling through Montana, then up to Alberta and British Columbia and I'm looking for guys in the Missoula, Calgary, Banff, and Nelson area!

If you're interested, email some photos and any ideas you have to – and don't forget to let me know how to get in touch!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Social media seems to have had it in for me over the past year (I'm lookin' at you Facebook & Instagram) but sometimes it can really make me smile. Twitter user (Twitterer?) @HouseOf_JBG captured some amazing detail in his sketch of this photo RJ Sebastian took of me for Cockyboys.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Folks, there are some great people in the world that deserve our support.  And one of them is Adam Baran who is in the final hours of his kickstarter campaign to fund an amazing documentary about a young man whose coming of age was amazingly intertwined with the filming of the brilliant David Lynch project, Twin Peaks.  Learn more about the project here, but please consider donating and getting involved.  You may recall Adam's earlier film Jackpot was featured on Big Shoe Diaries, so you already know he's capable of great work.  Help him if you can and spread the word!