Wednesday, June 10, 2015


First of all, I want to say thank you again (I don't think I can say it enough) to all of you who have been supportive of #ColbyDoesAmerica. So many of you have donated time, resources, and money to this project and there's no way it would be happening without that support.

Unfortunately, in addition to the criminals out there impersonating me on various social apps (I blogged about them back in January; they're still at it), it seems there are even more devious people out there trying to scam credit card information by posing as yours truly. 

While I do have a few different means for fans to donate to the #ColbyDoesAmerica project (print sales, the WhoreStore, or even PayPal donations), let me make it perfectly clear: 

You do NOT need a credit card to access the videos at 

There is an optional donation button on each page, that looks like this:

But you don't have to click it. And I promise, I am NOT asking for anybody's credit card information for age verification or any other purpose. So if you are approached online, or via Grindr or any other dating app, and asked for a credit card to access my site – it's a scam. 

This email was forwarded to me by someone who was approached by one of these fake Colbys. I think it's pretty obvious by the wording and bad spelling alone that this email is NOT from me, but criminals can make up all kinds of excuses for those sorts of discrepancies. If you do receive this email, or one like it, don't click any links – just flag it as spam or phishing and delete it. And please don't give your credit card information to this fraud.
If you receive this email, please report it as spam or phishing. It's NOT from me.

I wish there was more I could do about these fake Colbys. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that they're going away any time soon. So, once again, I humbly apologize to any of you who've been approached by any of these scam artists. 

As far as social media goes, this blog & Twitter (@colbykeller) are my main outlets. I don't have a Facebook page or Instagram account (apparently communist artists-cum-porn actors who like to show some skin are frowned upon, so both accounts were unceremoniously deleted without any due process.) I do use Grindr to find models, so if you think it's me messaging you but you're not 100% sure, please check here or my Twitter account first, to see if I really am in or near your city. If I'm going to be at a specific event in your town, I'll try to post that info here as well (just to clear up any confusion, I'm actually in Canada right now and won't be at Pittsburgh Pride as some of the fake Colbys have been telling folks.)

As always, if you are interested in being a part of #ColbyDoesAmerica, you can always email me at bigshoediaries at gmail dot com.

Big Colby (the real one) Hugs!

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  1. Just got one like this but they cleaned up their grammer. Tipoff was when talking to him, his grammer was not the greatest. Thanks for putting this up on your site. The good thing to come out of this was me discovering you!