Sunday, June 14, 2015


I've officially made my way across the border! I spent some time in Alberta and am now in British Columbia and have been experiencing some serious wildlife. I saw my first Canadian Grizzly and Black bears (and I'm glad my camera has a good zoom because those things are huge!)

Grizzly Bear
Black Bear

I saw my first glacier, too! But, even better than just the glacier itself? See the men in this photo? The one in the orange turban was doing what looked to be some kind of traditional Sikh dance for his friend in front of the glacier... with a selfie stick. It was amazing! Canada is definitely a cultural mosaic.

Seeing the bears was awesome, but now I'm ready to spend some time experiencing the kind of wildlife that walks on two legs and likes to get naked in front of the camera (there was a 'wildlife walking erect' pun in there, but it seemed too easy.) 

I'm headed to Nelson, then Vancouver Island, and I'll be around for a few days looking to shoot, so if you're interested, get in touch! Bigshoediaries @ gmail dot com. I know Canadians can often be polite to a fault, but I'm sure there are a few boys who can help me put the OH in Oh, Canada.

Big Colby Hugs, Eh?


  1. Welcome to Canada, honey. Sending love from Southern Ontario! <3

  2. Bears rock. :) Love animals.
    If you'd be up for a link exchange, let me know man.
    - Hot guys pictures

  3. Are you coming to Saskatchewan ?