Thursday, June 18, 2015


Last year I was lucky enough to visit Brasil during Festival Mix Brasil 2014. It was a short trip, but I made the most of it. Between the festival itself and the museums, art galleries and sightseeing (Sao Paulo is beautiful!) I managed to squeeze in, I had an amazing time. While I was there, I also did a few photo shoots and interviews, and now I'm on the cover of Revista Junior Magazine!

Colby Fan Extraordinaire, Tito Luiz Pereira, was kind enough to translate the portion of the article currently posted online. And, Tito, just FYI – your English is MUCH better than my Portuguese! Thanks, handsome!

The #66 JUNIOR edition Especial Parada - Love Is Great with the porn star Colby Keller on the cover photographed by Gabriel C. Lucas it's already on the newsstand. Colby tells everything in an interview with André Fischer and take off everything in photo shoot in our pages, that still have 'Portofólio' sign by AJ Paris and the "Homem de Verdade" Fernando Olivenol by the lens of Gabriel Félix.

Here is a teaser of the chat with Colby Keller and André Fischer:

You came to Brazil during the project "Colby Does America", where you are travelling the United States making sex videos, meeting fans and collaborating with others artists...
Colby: This project is the sequel of my previous project "Everything But Lenin", when I donated absolutely everything I had, all my books, my clothes, furnishings, Twitter account, even my dad's ashes. Everything but my Lenin statue that was my amulet. I say 'was' because I ended up giving to a guy I met in the trip.

And from where this idea came from?
Colby: First came from a love disillusion. After that, the landlady of the apartment where I lived in Baltimore for years asked back the apartment. I decided to prove my detachment and leaving absolutely everything behind. I opened my home to friends and fans who could take everything they wanted. I raised $ 45,000 in donations from fans and bought a camera, a van and hit the road with virtually nothing.

Did you really get rid of absolutely everything?
Colby: Actually I kept some books, I put in a box that is in the house of a friend in New York. These books are part of the immense library that I gathered through other project, "Boners for Books", where I changed pictures of me with my cock hard for books that fans bought from my wish list on Amazon and sent to me.


  1. Saw so many of his xxx videos, it's crazy... xD

  2. I found your interview very interesting, specially the way you live your life ( so brave, alternative and peaceful). When think about the lifestyle of pornstar, usually think in a superficial life, full of sex, alcohol and parties, so is very cool that you is not like that, by the way you are the opposite: resist this "material world", live by your rules and and with such harmony with nature, deserves all happiness of world. You are not just a sexy body but a sexy mind.
    Your fan from Brazil, Dudu.

  3. There's a general interview you did back in 2014 with The Mirror (TALKING DIRTY: CockyBoys star Colby Keller gets candid about his likes, dislikes and why starring in more than just an act. By Gary M. Kramer) that I found interesting.

    I posted an image at the following: