Sunday, July 19, 2015


A few year years ago, I was lucky enough to be part of a fun, funky little project that made the rounds during the 2014 film festival circuit. If you weren't lucky enough to live in one of the cities where Wes Hurley's award-winning short, Zolushka, was screened, you can now watch it online (nope, no credit card or payment required; just sign up for free with your email addy!) at OUTFESTONLINE.
I'm Prince Charming!
Described as "Cinderella meets Tom of Finland" Zoluska (the Russian translation for Cinderella) teaches us that glass slippers aren't the only way to find your true love when you think they've slipped through your fingers.
Hoping to find the Perfect Fit

Directed By:
Wes Hurley

Baby Bear
Paris Original
Sean Cormack
Waxie Moon
Josh Hartvigson

Once you've signed up and logged on, just go to the Shorts section, and they're all listed alphabetically. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I say try because I honestly don't think I've ever encountered as many sexually repressed, on the DL, or outright closeted men as I did in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. A resort town in Alberta called Revelstoke left me neither stoked nor with much to revel in. And the weird married guys on Grindr who won't even send pics because they are married - what kind of impression does that give of the gay men of Canada? Too much British influence maybe? I'm really not sure if this is a Canada thing or a Pacific Northwest, in general, thing.  All I know is that with all the passive aggressive bitchiness and anti-sex attitude I encountered, I'm not sure where the 'Canadians are so polite' thing comes from. Is it just too miserable and rainy all the time that people tend toward the surly and unhappy more often than not? Maybe it just never gets warm and sunny enough for people to get hot and bothered on a regular basis. I actually read a news article where an Angus Reid poll said 27 percent of Vancouver residents described themselves as "uncomfortable" and another 18 percent were "miserable". I believe it.

I did meet a number of lovely women while I was in Canada. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to help me film a #COLBYDOESCANADA video. Thankfully, I did manage to find a lovely and willing lad while in Alberta, so I did manage to film one video while I was there. For the most part, the scenery was the best part of my time in the Great White North. In fact, I'm now beginning to understand why my sexually ambiguous great aunt (who died a virgin) loved Canada so much.
Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, BC. The spots are mineral-rich deposits of calcium, magnesium sulphate, and even bits of silver. During WWI minerals from the lake were used to create ammunition & now it's a medicine lake for the Okanagan First Nation.
To add insult to injury, I wound up popping migraine strength Excedrin and hobbling around with taped toes after a mishap at Radar Beach near Tofino. Jan managed to run up ahead, shuck his clothes and hang gracefully from a big rock by the waters edge while I tripped on my damn flip-flops and broke my toe. :(
Jan and his pretty alabaster bum.
I'm not going to lie, I was one happy camper to cross the border back into the US of A. But it turned out the situation in Seattle wasn't all that much more bright than it'd been north of the border. It's got to be the weather, right? Things could only get better from here.
My grizzly impersonation while camping in a no-tent zone (due to the high number of grizzly bear in the area) 
Let's just say that wasn't entirely true. My Independence Day got off to a truly awful start: I got stood up for a video that morning - by a kid who'd already stood me up once before in Idaho (I won't mention his name, but if he's reading this, he knows who he is!)
Me being pissed off at the Grand Tetons after the dude stood me up a second time!
But then the gods or whatever higher power might exist realized that Colby needed a check mark in the win column. And my 4th of July Gift from God presented itself. I was really cranky and mad, and I decided to go to Yellowstone. I saw a posting for the Lonestar geyser and I thought it had to be a sign. I'm from Texas! I had to go! So I popped 3 Excedrine Migraines (because my broken toe was still killing me) and hiked 5 miles to the geyser. And this happened right after I arrived:
I found out later that it only goes off every three hours. I was the only person there to watch it, and it felt very special. Day officially improved! It really was a lovely, peaceful turnaround to an otherwise shit day.

So for everyone who thinks the glamorous life of a porn actor is all ass all the time - there you have it. It's just not the case, my friends.

I'm slowly making my way east and still have close to 20 States to cross of my list, so if you're in one of the locations still not filmed and you'd like to get involved, get in touch! Bigshoediaries @ gmail dot com is the address - send me your ideas and photos!

Big Colby Hugs!

Monday, July 6, 2015


Calling all video game programmers!

I recently met a video game designer who has some awesome ideas for collaboration on a piece for #ColbyDoesAmerica. The only problem is that he's a designer, not a programmer, so we're looking for someone who can program and who would like to join our collaboration.

If you’re interested in getting involved in turning the fantasy into reality, get in touch! As always the addy to reach me is

Big Colby Hugs!