Thursday, August 6, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was approached by a lovely artist named Felix Deon (be sure to visit his website to check out his extensive collection of nudes & homoerotic art!) with an incredibly generous gesture and a beautiful piece of art.
Not only did Felix create this painting of me and offer to send me a print, he's sent a second one for me to give away to one of you lucky readers!

So, here comes the interesting part: how to win. As I travel this great nation of ours, I've experienced some terrific sex in some pretty interesting places. I've also been catfished, stood-up, and left waiting around for hours, when I'm pretty sure I could have been doing something more interesting with my time.

What I want to know is: where's the most interesting/hottest place you've gotten busy? Better yet, tell me the best idea you've ever had for sex some place daring, with the worst outcome. 

Leave me a comment here and I'll pick a random winner in two weeks (August 20) who will receive a numbered, limited print of the painting above.

Good luck!


  1. Oh geez. Here goes. Most interesting/hottest place would be outside my apartment building at 2 am with a friend of mine. Things got hot and messy !! Best idea/worst outcome would be either on a playground near the woods with racoons running all over knocking over garbage cans OR the park on a picnic bench with cars driving by and having to hide (both at night obviously haha).

  2. My most strange place was the pillow room a late night at a party at a kindergarten where my lover worked. It was strange as a 20-25 years older person play in a kids room.

  3. When I was 23 and crazy I walked 2 blocks north from my apartment in downtown Louisville to get sloppy drunk at the straight bar conglomerate known at 4th Street Live. At the time it was full of fake-tanned guys with big arms, too much gel in their hair, and rhinestones Ed Hardy t-shirts. I brought some pot and proceeded to get stupid fucked up to ignore the fact that my girlfriends had stood me up and I was left alone in the douchey Hell that is straight bars with $8 beers.

    I become friends with this drunk white girl pretty quickly who danced with her hands above her head and she introduced me to her "posse." There were three dudes and 4 equally drunk girls. We take these blue shooters, pay way too much for jello shots, and the girls decide to head home. One of the guys follows suit, probably to date-rape one of them. I, in a moment of extreme bravado, brandish my weed and invite to guys to get their heads blown off.

    We walk back to my apartment, but, afraid of being seen by my neighbors at 3 in the morning with 2 "bros," decide to break into the back yard of the Lutheran church across the street. I roll a joint, and start to act ridiculously, consciously, slutty and overtly gay.

    And, I just go for it. I end up blowing one of the guys before anyone has a second to react. He laughs a little, stares at me, then pulls his nuts out of his American Eagle boxers to give me better access. He puffs on the joint, passes it to his buddy, who is staring jaw agape, and calls me a "cum-eater." I look back and his buddy is leaned against the church jerking off.

    Next thing I know, his buddy pulls me of his Dick, offers me his and the first guy pulls down my jorts and rams into me dry. Fucking hurt. I let it happen, they both pull out to cum (which lands on this statue I'm on all fours beside), put their dicks away, thank me for the weed, walk 10 feet to the street corner, and call a cab, telling the other to never mention this experience.

    For something so hot, it was dull and shitty and over way too quickly to be enjoyable by anyone accustomed to gay sex. But, it did give me a fun little story to drunkenly regale young gays with.

  4. There are some amazing artists out there. I Just saw Mr. Deon's work. Beautiful. And what better way to create amazing art than to capture the image of a beautiful man.

    The Male Casting Couch

  5. The hottest sex I have ever had was with a possible Turkish drug-dealer/gang member in the sea on the beach he own on an island off the cost of Cambodia. We had stayed up all night and the sea was full of phosphorescent plankton that simmered all over our naked body's as the sun came up. I hadn't said a word to him just taken off my clothes and walked into the water and he followed.

    Idea: you're having sex back stage of a theatre production with a full auditorium. In passion you pull down the back curtain for the whole audience to see.

    I can't tell you how much I love you both as artists and the combination of Felix and Colby in one piece is a total wet dream.

    Alfie Rabbit

  6. Smithsonian American history museum at an after hours event. It was behind a large curtain in a exhibit that was completly empty I went down on a guy and it was the best most electric night, the thrill of being so close to being found out was amazing.

  7. In a Honda Accord on I20 going through South Carolina. Bf was driving and I started blowin' him. He wanted more so I straddled him. It was midday and the closest vehicle to us was a Mayflower moving truck that kept leaping frogging around us so both guys could watch. Wasn't the best sex b/c he couldn't focus on what he was doing to me at 65 miles an hour but we did laugh a lot and had fun. He got off. I didn't. Booo.

  8. In the late 80's, I worked at the Castro theater in San Francisco. My boyfriend at the time also worked there. On our breaks we would sneak off to a spot in the theater to have sex, usually the balcony (which was always closed), one time the roof (it was a scary climb up a ladder). The most risky time we had sex was during a movie behind the screen. The flickering light from the projector was like a strobe. He sucked me off, while I fingered his ass. Then we switched.
    We could actually see the people in the audience through the screen, watching the movie. Not sure if they could see us.

  9. In a skiff, in a sea cave underneath an island. ;-)

  10. When I was 17 -I'm 26 now- I had sex in a confessionary. It was not an actual wooden forniture piece because whas a modern church building, but it was still holy ground. It was with a classmate, we were having the time of our lives when a priest enter the other side of the confessionary, and my partner start to sucking my dick while i'm "confessing my sins" to distract the priest so we dont get caught. I was amazing yet terrifying.

    PS: English is not my first language, so excuse me.

  11. I had been out for about one month. I was dating a creepy guy for the sex. My coworker took me to a cattle-call July 4 party to meet other men. She had been a graduate student under one of the hosts. When out in the field, he would drag her to the nearest gay bar. Most people assumed I was her boyfriend including the man who would become my boyfriend/later husband. I was smitten and chatted him up. The sex? Not with him but with a not-so-creepy guy in a partially-built house next door that party-goers would stroll through to inspect. We were inspected too. It took me two days to find and hook up with That Guy. Still together.
    Later that summer (1978) I took him to visit my living-in-the-country hippie friends, all of whom were straight and still skittish. He and I slept on a pull-out in the living room. Next morning one of the guys passed through to the kitchen while we were enjoying a chaste cuddle. We heard him gasp, and he backed out of the room. Eyes were not met that day.

  12. I have had sex at some interesting places. To pick one would be hard. Jacuzzi with three people watching (male and female) at some guys house party at 4 in the morning while he after he already went to bed. Back seat of a car with a guy while his girlfriend was in the front seat watching. Horrible kisser. Told her that. Then of course there was the leather party around the bon fire while everyone watched. That is just the tip of the ice burg. Not real shy here, Oh yeah, well there was the pool party that had someone going down on me in front of his daughter while my bf kissed me that was weird, Not a good outcome with that.

  13. These are some great stories, and I since public sex is not my thing I don't have much that can compete! My 2 best:

    During freshman year, I had a horrible douchebag roommate who basically stole one of the rooms of our suite so that he could loudly bang his girlfriend (who he referred to as "Blowjob") with a little privacy. At the '93 gay march on Washington, I picked up some scraggly anarchist at a Pansy Division show and let him loudly deflower me on my bed (which remember he had put in the middle of the room). The whole time, my roommate was 6 feet away, conspicuously trying to sleep. He didn't look me in the eye for the last few weeks of school, but he and his girlfriend were delightfully quiet.

    When I lived in Japan, I went to basically the first Western-style leather/fetish party ever, at some hole in the wall in Kabuki-cho (very straight mob-oriented bar district). The kids who worked there (basically Japanese versions of guidos) were just wide-eyed and amazed at the goings-on in the backroom and the terrible mess we made of their oshibori (those little hot towel things you get at Japanese restaurants.)

  14. While in High School, I had used ropes and Levi's to fulfill sexual fantasies (mostly while suspended up in the attic). The organism were out of this world. The next step was to find someone who also liked the same idea or experienced the same acts. When I was around 22, I learned there was a "kinky Levi bar" in the Los Angeles area, Once I knew this, I had to go and find out what this bar was like, for I was not going to find it in my home town. I considered myself a bit naïve, but knowledgeable enough to know that if my sexual curiosity wasn't satisfied, I would probably do something stupid.
    Right now I can't remember the name of the bar, but it took a lot of guts for me to actually park the car and walk towards the front door. While walking towards the bar, I didn't know what to expect. I literally had no idea what I was about to walk into, but the moment I was at the front door, my sense of adventure was strong and I walked right in. Once I had adjusted to the low light, I knew I had found the right place. I had been at a few bars in WeHo, but those did not compare. There were lots of men in Levi's, chains, boots, and other paraphernalia that told me I had arrived, I walked around a bit, noticed I was getting a lot of looks, and I even chatted to a couple of guys before heading to the bar. I was thinking in my head, this is a dream come true. After just a few minutes at the bar, a guy walks up and starts chatting. He is older, about 35, and very well mannered. He is wearing Levi's and they are 501's. I don't really notice much else that he is wearing. He buys me a drink and we start a long conversation. Eventually I open up to him about my fantasies and he becomes interested. He actually plays along and gets me all aroused. We are touching each other and he is very much feeling all of me. After what seems like a long time of feeling, and I am about to bust right then and there. He suggests we leave and tells me he lives in the Toluca Lake area. I follow him with a lot of images running through my mind.... fully aroused.
    I enter his house, but I don't really notice much - I am focused on him, to see what he will do now that I am in his house, and I am very eager. He brings me a drink and starts asking questions about me and my life. I oblige thinking this is small talk, for this part is all new to me. Then the conversation goes south. He starts talking about religion, proficiency, and how my lifestyle isn't going to be fulfilling...and I am thinking.... but he meet at a gay bar and was talking about male sexual fantasies... what's all this sh?t. Then I start noticing the religious artifacts on the tables and the prominent picture of Christ on the wall, At this point my arousal has gone south..! I try to be as polite as possible and excuse myself from the house. I wasn't worried about anything happening to me, I just wanted to get out of there and go home. As I am leaving, he is saying a few things but I don't really hear anything. I say goodbye and run to the car.
    Why would someone go to all those lengths to get me aroused and then do nothing but preach that I should convert. I did not get an answer to that question, just utter frustration that I took all this effort to make it to L.A.; get the courage to go into the bar, have a conversation with a few hot guys, but end up chatting with a guy who isn't what he said he was. No, I never did make it back to that bar. I wanted to avoid him so I became celibate for several months.

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  16. Last month, I was on vacation with my family at a lake cottage and it was the first time I brought a boyfriend up with me. My family is super cool with my sexuality, but since we shared a room with my brother, there was no privacy to have sex. We were there for a week and by Thursday, both of us were dying to fuck.

    So we snuck out one evening and went behind the neighbor's shed, which was by the gravel driveway that lead to the cottage. It was pitch black and the shed was slightly in the woods so no one could really see us, so we started making out at the side of the shed, which someone could see if they walked right by it. We ended up with our shirts off and he pulled off my shorts to blow me.

    Right after he started sucking me off, I heard noises and realized it was my cousins voice. He was walking home from the bar with his girlfriend. I immediately pulled my pants up and moved behind the shed, pulling my boyfriend with me. We waited for them to walk by, both of us having to hold back laughter.

    After they were in the cottage we ended up finishing what we started. The cool night air mixed with the nerves and jolts of almost being caught made it one of our hottest fucks.

  17. Like Dadaflux, I too worked at the Castro Theatre (though years before him) As the audience would leave after the last show, I'd stand by the front door and look for a cute guy who might be interested in a private tour of the theatre. These "tours" always ended up naked on the couch in the mezzanine. On the night of May 21st 1979, I was on the couch with a handsome stranger when we heard a commotion outside. I opened the large windows in the mezzanine and naked we walked out on to the top of the marquee that over hung Castro Street. Below us were rows and rows of cops in riot gear. It was the White Night Riots, the night when Dan White received a voluntary manslaughter sentence for murdering Harvey Milk and George Moscone. Earlier that evening there had been a riot at City Hall and now the cops had come to Castro Street to get some retaliation. They had cleared the whole block and were preparing to raid the Elephant Walk, a gay bar down the street. They were barking homophobic epithets thinking they were unobserved, little did they know that just overhead were to naked gay guys who's screwing they had disrupted.

  18. Back “in the day”, I was into a guy who proclaimed he was straight. He was recently separated, and he and I had amazing sex, over and over. Of course, I kept pushing him for more than he was willing to give. He had a hole that could perform gymnastics. He was flirty, frisky and funny. I sure liked him a lot.

    He agreed to go with me to the Big Gay Sunday brunch at the original Café Adobe in Houston. I had a big table with the guys I worked with, and the place was packed as it usually was.

    My guy, who we’ll call “Dean”, was short, built, cuter than a button, and brand spankin’ new to the homos gathered at the watering hole. Dean had a boyish mop of hair, a ‘90s mustache, and a tight little ass that perfectly fit his 501s. He was as loud and overt as his 5’6” frame would have suggested.

    There were mimosas, margaritas and Coronas flowing freely, and the stale chips and tomato salsa were being devoured by all of us present. My co-workers were, naturally, quite curious about Dean and how he fit into the cast of characters – Dean, who was soaking up the attention like a roll of Brawny towels, told everyone at our table that he was straight, had kids, had a wife, was just hanging out.

    I looked at Dean after one of his protestations about his heterosexuality, and told him straight on that his ass belonged to me, and that if I wanted to fuck him in the men’s room, he’d willingly follow me in there to receive that fucking. I pushed my chair back, and stood up. My work friends were involved in their several conversations, but I was drunk enough by that point that their reactions were unimportant to me. I walked toward the hostess station and bathrooms without looking back, knowing that Dean was following me like the puppy he was.

    He followed me into the bathroom as I expected. The door closed behind us, and the only other occupant of the bathroom was leaving as we entered the water closet area.

    Dean told me several times that he was NOT going to let me fuck him, that he was just coming along because he needed to pee.

    I knew that his drivel was just for his own validation. I walked straight into the cubicle, and here came Dean right after me.

    I pushed Dean up against the commode and the wall. He grabbed two handfuls of the wall behind the toilet, and I reached around to unfasten his belt and drop his Levi’s. His diatribe of objection faded as I pushed my erect cock into his perfect ass and tight hole. He moaned as he always did when I entered him. I grabbed his hips, and started thrusting into his beautiful, little apple butt, increasing my pace until he dropped his head between his raised arms and started to whimper. I reached around his narrow, little hips and grabbed his testicles – pulling them down while his raging erection bounced in harmony with my thrusts.

    That we were in public, that it was so busy that day, that we could hear other men coming in to use the urinal pushed me over the edge pretty quickly. I blew my huge load into his hole for the second time in some ten hours and his blew his tight, little load all over the toilet tank in front of him.

    Once my orgasm had released me from its grip, I pulled him back to the vertical and pulled a length of toilet paper from the roll on the wall. I wiped his cute little penis clean, and wiped his ass crack, then threw the dirty paper into the toilet bowl.

    He pulled up his Levis. I zipped up my trousers. We left the stall, and each washed our hands in the single sink.

    Like the puppy he was, he followed me back to the table.

  19. Dean stuck with me through his divorce and my 37th birthday. He was one of the guests at my party at my townhouse in October of 1995. As was the case with most of my birthday parties, the crowd of guests seethed between the front door and the rear wall and Dean was asked by substantially everyone how he fit into the mix. Dean told them all that he was just a friend, and that he was as straight as an arrow.

    The vodka flowed as vibrantly as the crowd, and I’d had enough to have lost my ability to make the best of decisions.

    Dean had, by this point, realized that feeling his top shoot his load deep into his guts may result in health risks, and he had only that week insisted that we had to engage in safer sex. Prior to that, he was all about having cum leaking from his ravaged hole down his fuzzy little leg.

    Dean had never once mentioned that I’d fucked him senseless in the bathroom of Café Adobe a few weeks earlier. The disconnect between his self-validating patter and reality hadn’t occurred to him, or he was better able to ignore the truth than most men I’d ever known.

    Half way through the evening, I tired of Dean’s straight patter and I told him I was going to fuck him. He told me that was not going to happen.

    I told Dean that he was to follow me upstairs to my bedroom because I was going to fuck his butt. As he followed me up the stairs, he told me that he wasn’t going to have any of that but he was hot on my heels to the upstairs landing. I walked into my master bathroom, and Dean was right behind me.

    I stripped him out of his clothes, and put him on his hands and knees in the middle of the bathroom. I fucked him doggy style while he moaned and begged that I not shoot inside of his guts.

    I obliged by shooting my huge load all over his back and cute little butt.

    Once I was done, I got up off of him, cleaned up and walked back down the stairs to the party.

    Dean eventually made his way back downstairs, but didn’t stay much longer after that.

    That was the last I saw Dean. Fifteen years later, I heard from him on Manhunt. He was now overtly gay, and had a “husband”. He told me he couldn’t see me, and that nothing could happen between us.

    I guess that nothing ever really changes, huh? As I said earlier, it didn’t really work out for me

  20. At home in my own bed.

    The best decisions happen there, and some of the worst disappointments of my life, too.

    Alternately, a hall closet at a Unitarian church during a wedding. At least they were Unitarian, and pretended not to interrupt till we were done.

    In other news, I'm so happy you're out there. Just, a part of the world. Thank you!

  21. Have been very much unlucky as far as it goes. Once 40 years ago in a sauna in a hotel, my very first time getting fucked. He didn't believe me when I truthfully told him it was my first time. He was as big as you or more so and very thick. I just knew to push out as he pushed in. Never saw him again even as he promised to return.

    Once, didn't realize we were fully off the road a few years later and I wish I had gone down on his gigantic dick first. Because I saw 2 cars come over the hill and said something, as he was on me, he stopped and immediately drove me home. It was my first kiss ever with him (at 18) and when our tongues touched, the electric sparks were a revelation. He never wanted me to call or see him again.I

    In the middle of my small home town, with some one I fancied for our first time, in a well lit park. I kinda freaked out and asked to be behind the tree, he refused. Didn't last long.

    A few years later with a huge bodybuilder who wanted to fuck on a partially lit sidewalk on a major road near Ohio State Campus. I was to scared to get caught at 2am in the morning. He got up and walked off.

    Those are just a few fails this lifetime that I can remember right off the bat. Others exist if I tried to remember. Which is why at almost 53 (birthday is 9-11), I have always been alone. Despite the talented techniques with men I learned from a USMC DI at age 20. (Deep throating, using your ass to grab cock as you're getting fucked, etc.)

  22. Hottest placed I've hooked up was with a mechanic/test driver at his shop just after closing time with people still lollygagging about the strip mall parking lot. We connected through craigslist, and this was our first meeting. We started making out in the garage up against muscle car still warm from being brought in. Then moved towards the office as we slowly helped each other out of our clothes. I'm pretty sure the security cameras were on, but I heard nothing about it. He shoved me into the chair and went down on me. Without being told he grabbed my nipples as I like. Before I could shoot we wound up on the floor making out again cocks throbbing against each other (I'm big on frottage). He was the perfect size and shape, our bodies seemed to just fit together laying there on the dirty floor. Suddenly he flips me on my back and with my ass in the air, I got rimmed for the first time, and it was fantastic. After getting some 69 action and more frottage in, we both came on each others' stomach. We were both covered head to toe in grease streaks from the floor.

    My roommates didn’t say anything as I came home, not sure what they were thinking when they saw me, probably playing at GIJoe or something. I did have camo shorts on at the time.

    We became fuckbuddies for awhile and it was awesome, but his test driving schedule was so erratic and our meetings so infrequent that I called it off.

    Not really that daring, but I've always wanted to have sex in front of a crowd, CMNM style party or some-such...

  23. The most exciting place that I've done it is on the roof top of an office building in downtown D.C. with full view of the capitol. I knew a guy that worked there and he took me up to the top floor. We were the only people in the building except the security guard at the front desk. As we get going in an office making out, I see the capitol dome down below us and I had an idea. I tell him to take me from behind with full view of the capitol. Knowing how much that has gone on in there to limit sexual expression and rights, it felt ridiculously liberating to come all over the rails in its direction as he was pounding into my ass. It was even more so when we left with a polite good night to the security guard, who had no idea what had just happened.

    Have fun on your journeys! The videos are wonderful.