Monday, August 17, 2015


The second part of my guest spot on the Marxism Today podcast is now live!

Have a listen as I chat with Red and Tony about what is art, things to do on Joe McCarthy’s grave, and the way to transition from capitalism to socialism.

 Listen to part 1 here!
 Listen to part 2 here!


  1. Hey, Colby. I love Marxism. But I have a really bad feeling about what's happening right now. I think we're far more likely to wind up fascist than democratic socialist.

  2. I'm currently obsessed with the lectures of Richard D. Wolff. Never really thought of myself as a socialist, or a Marxist, but I'm discovering that I actually am one. Also: #FeelTheBern.

    1. If you think Socialism-Marxism-Comunism is good, come to Venezuela. You will find lines of people everyday outside of markets, not for buying Iphones, not for buying TVs with 50% off, but for buying GROCERIES, simple GROCERIES. Sometimes you don't even get to buy toilet paper, soap, shampoo or simple things like RICE, because there is nothing (and this is only a small part of the whole thing).Socialism is under the premise of wanting eliminate "the exploitation of man by man", but it only replace it for "the exploitation of man by politicians". Do your research, people!