Tuesday, August 4, 2015


A few weeks back, I was in Wisconsin and got to sit down with my comrades Red Wagner and Tony Schmitt of Marxism Today.
Marxism Today!

We had a incredible (and lengthy) chat about a whole lot of things; so many, in fact, that the podcast had to be broken into parts. In Part One, we talk about Everything but Lenin, Colby Does America, the SCOTUS marriage equality decision as well as the nature of marriage in general.

Have a listen to Part One here!

Stay tuned for Part Two - coming August 16!


  1. You make some excellept points, sir.

  2. Also, I never had to show legal entanglement with my husband to put him on my health insurance, nor did he have to do that for me, so the fact that you and K had to do this is bullshit.