Monday, October 5, 2015


Anal Magazine is the only gay magazine in Mexico about art and culture, and I've been lucky enough to be invited to their huge Halloween bash!

For those you who aren't familiar with Anal Magazine, it's run by a team of artists, designers and writers who use  visual arts, film, literature, pornography, fashion, design, etc. to show the work of creative people from Mexico and the world, and to create discussions around the concept of manhood.

A Hell of A Party! The Last Night is Anal Magazine's annual Halloween party and this year has a really cool lineup:

Lao & Mexican Jihad (NAAFI)
Portugal (Flat Heels Crew)
Velvet Boy
Special Guest: ME
Performance by: Patricia Kattkins

It's going to be an amazing party at the Auditorio Blackberry (Puerta Condesa Las Américas), so if you're in Mexico, or feel like taking a Halloween road trip, then mark Oct. 31 on your calendar and get your tickets – you can get them now at a special advance price of $150 (which works out to around $10 USD) or at the door for $280 (around $17 USD)

See you there!


  1. Long time admirer of your work. Your natural attributes aside, you obviously work very hard to keep your perfect body perfect. In each and every video/film you bring a genuine presence to the Work that tells the viewer that you're actually in love with the man you're with, rare talent. I can't help but wonder why, giving your looks, talent and intelligence that you haven't crossed over into mainstream media where you could make some serious money? You're more than talented enough. Go for it, drop Brad Pitt down to second tier.