Monday, December 7, 2015

#5KinaDay for The Trouble With Ray

I'm signing on today to help some smart folks in Houston complete a fundraising goal of #5KinaDay to support the making of a film about legendary Texas LGBT rights activist, Ray Hill.  Being a Texan myself, I'm so excited to see this project happen and so many of my favorite artists are already signed on to this project that I had to throw in my ten gallon hat and ask ya'll to dig into your pockets to see this project funded.

Also, there will be a special Colby perk listed on the funding site soon, so look for that.  If they raise #5KinaDay today, then as a special treat,  I will also release a sexy video of well known Colby Does America model, Ollie Grey... shaving my entire body (except the beard, which I'll need to keep to stand in solidarity with Ray for the this project)!

So, go visit the site and spread the word and let's raise 5KinaDay!

Ollie Grey can't wait to shave me up and down!!! Go raise some funds so he gets his chance.

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