Monday, December 14, 2015


The Five Easy Pieces Auction, in collaboration with Mt. Gay Rum, offers unique contemporary art made especially for the auction by some of the brightest shining stars of the contemporary art world, modern design, the highest end fashion, and oddities. We have curated a selection of consignments from some of the most creative, unique, and wonderful people in the world.

The awesome people at Hasbeens & Willbes are holding a live art auction and party tonight in NYC and I'm honored to have been asked to participate by submitting five lots to go up on the auction block.

I'm in some insanely talented company. I mean, just look at the list of people taking part: Vivienne Westwood, Dis Magazine, India Salvor Menuez, Vikram Gandhi, Tim Barber, Christina Kruse, Sophie Sevigny, Jim Zivic, Aurel Schmidt, James Ramsey, Cody Critcheloe, Leo Koenig, Sean Scherer, Jasmin Schroeder-Elgarafi, Philipp Haemmerle, Roisin Murphy, Alex Wiederin, Andre Walker, Michael Bisordi, Nahila Chianale, Babak Radboy, Marcelo Krasilcic, DJ Lina, Liz Hopkins, Akeem Smith, Matt Mcauley, Patricia Von Musulin, Lady Fag, Isaac Nichols, Lauren Devine, Franklin Durable Goods, Robert Stilin, Julian Assange, and ME!

So why do we care about an art auction taking place in New York, Colby? This is the internet. We're not all in the Big Apple.

Me neither! The good news is, you can bid from anywhere. In fact, you don't even have to wait until Monday to bid on something that catches your eye. Visit the Hasbeens & Willbes website and you can bid right now.

There are 200 items up for auction – it's the perfect time to get something amazing for someone on your Xmas list!

Here's one of the things I've got on the block, a branding iron sculpted by metal work/designer, Jake Wright:

 CK Branding Iron - view or bid.

And here are the others:

Wooden Clogs - view or bid.

Costume Pajama and Creepy Old Man Mask - view or bid

Hard Drive (with behind-the-scenes & unedited Colby Does America footage) - view or bid

Work Boots - view or bid

The live auction takes place at 6:30pm ET, but you can bid online now!

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